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Av. La industria Esquina campo Elías a Puente Anauco, Urbanización La Candelaria, Edif. Waldorf, Caracas-Venezuela

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Welcome to Waldorf Hotel Boutique

In the 40s and in response to the socio-economic dynamics of the moment product of oil boom. The Waldorf Hotel was born in 1944. Our hotel is called Waldorf in honor of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel located in New York City and noted for its excellence in quality and service. Emulating this model, Waldorf Caracas was noted for its great distinction in its facilities, was noted for the acquisition of great works of masters of the high European painting of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth which were also exposed to great fame for both his excellent food and dancing nights to the beat of the best orchestras of the moment but also for the professionalism and dedication in the attention of the staff that worked there. 

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Health Centers
  • Hospital of Clinica Caracas
  • San Bernardino Medical Center
  • Children's Orthopedic Hospital
  • J. M. de los Ríos Children's Hospital
  • Polyclinic the Grove
  • otorhinolaryngology institute
  • Diagnostic Institute

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Financial Centers and Agencies

  • BankMercantil (Headquarters)
  • National Credit Bank
  • BBVA Provincial (Headquarters)
  • 100% Bank
  • Caroní Bank
  • Common Fund Bank (BFC)
  • Venezuelan Credit Bank
  • Central bank of Venezuela

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Historic centres

  • Kid's museum
  • National Art Gallery
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas
  • Keyboard Museum
  • Carlos Cruz Díez Museum
  • National Museum of Architecture
  • John Boulton Foundation Museum
  • Birthplace of the Liberator

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Cultural and Entretainment Centers

  • The Artist's house
  • Teresa Carreño Theater
  • National theater
  • Parque los Caobos
  • Wuaraira Repano National Park
  • Athenaeum of Caracas
  • Fundamusical Simón Bolívar.
  • San Isidro de Galipan town.

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Government Entities

  • Ministry of Food
  • Main Register Capital District
  • Public Ministry of Venezuela
  • Ministry of popular power for education.
  • Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace
  • Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands
  • Labor Inspectorate
  • National Telephone Company of Venezuela (CANTV) (Headquarters)

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Religious Centers

  • San Charbel Monastery
  • Ibrahim Al-lbrahim Mosque
  • Apostolic Ministry International Emanuel
  • Our Lady of La Candelaria Catholic Church
  • Renacer Cathedral
  • Beit Yaakov Synagogue
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